We make interiors come alive by striving for a perfect synergy between all seven elements of design - space, lines, forms, light, colours, textures and patterns.

Each step of the process is approached holistically with attention to detail, emphasis on using natural materials, layering of textures, sophisticated colour palettes, and use of exquisite accessories. Valuing comfort and functionality as much as beauty, we work towards creating your dream interiors using classic design practices with an innovative, artistic approach.

The result is an energised space that’s beautifully conceived, with a sense of growth and understated elegance.

With an eye for detail and a mind for innovation, Mili specialises in curating distinctive spaces - combining antique and modern elements of style in a way that’s at once contemporary and timeless.

Her tryst with designing first began at Raffles International where her aesthetic bent of mind was moulded expertly under the mentorship of industry experts. Before starting her private practice in 2015, she garnered over 4 years of experience with prominent interior firms across the city.

Since then, she’s done up a swanky optical showroom, an upbeat Pilates studio, a cosy rustic pizzeria, and several homes. Whether it’s residential, leisure or commercial projects she and her team ensure that the entire process is an interactive experience for their clients - making their space both personally satisfying and practically wholesome. Some of her ongoing projects include a villa in Goa, and a bungalow and penthouse in Pune.

Her aesthetic sensibilities not only extend to designing spaces, but also to documenting her travels around the world in her blog, Runway Wings. She and her husband have amassed a huge following for their travel photography, and what’s better - she always brings back a fresh approach to her designs! When not traveling or modeling someone’s dream home, Mili likes to dance - for her, the art of living is all about expressing and creating.

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